• Research-wise, I work on Design and Analysis of Algorithms with provable guarantees. In the recent past, I have been working on algorithms for Connectivity problems in graphs. My Ph.D. thesis as well as some subsequent work involved design of fast Pattern Matching algorithms for string, two dimensional and tree patterns. In between, I looked at problems spanning several other areas, see my list of publications

  • Most of my energy (read 150%) in the last several years has gone into entrepreneurship, at Strand Life Sciences. I am interested in the whole works: how does one seed a company, build cross-disciplinary expertise, engineer products, acquire customers, scale, and hopefully one day answer fundamental questions, e.g., can one use genomics tools to detect cancer early? I have been deeply involved in the creation of GeneSpring, an integrated data analysis and interpretation platform for all types of microarray applications, and Grammatica, a Natural Language Processing engine that drives the biological interactions database in GeneSpring.

  • When working as part of the Simputer project, I got interested in Speech Synthesis in Indian languages. I hope to get back to this sometime in the future.

  • I have a long term interest in what I am calling next-gen education; the main tenets are that learning be fun and easily accessible to anyone. Until I find more time to work this out, this is just a placeholder.

  • I dream of the day when trees will be back on roadsides in Bangalore and cycles will be back on the road. For now, to make a point and also because I enjoy it, here is how I cycle to work.