• I try to cycle to work. It is fun, and you reach home/work all pumped up. Of course, this is feasible because I stay only about 4km or so from work. Cycling isn't half as dangerous as it might seem at first sight, even on Bangalore roads; you stay on the left edge of the road in a zone which most other traffic keeps away from. And if you can locate a route that avoids main roads then the ride can be quite pleasant as well (indeed, I take a substantial detour that keeps my stretch on the main road quite short). And what about the pollution? I use a mask, one that I mail ordered from Respro, the only scientifically validated and convenient mask I could find. A pity there isn't an Indian manufacturer.

  • It would of course be great to see fewer smoke-spewing vehicles and more cycles on the roads of bangalore. There are groups working to try out Rent-a-cycle experiments similar to the Velib in Paris. Here is a an example Namma Cycle.


  • I do some amount of long distance running. It is time consuming and boring but you discover body and mind behaviour which you do not get to see otherwise.


  • I swim regularly in our apartment complex pond, but have never tried a natural water body; hopefully a triathlon some day.